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What is Plastic?

Plastics are a broad category of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials made primarily of polymers. Plastic can alternatively be defined as polymers with long carbon chains. Plastics are divided into two kinds based on their physical properties: thermoplastic and thermosetting.

What is Plastic scraps?

Scraps of plastic can be recycled into a variety of goods, including plastic films, carrier bags, sheets, bottles, home products, and more, depending on the type of plastic. Nonrenewable resources such as oil, gas, and coal are used to make plastics. Recycling plastic scraps conserves natural resources, diverts non-biodegradable garbage from landfills, and allows new plastic items to be made.

How do we process plastic scraps?

Plastic scraps are gathered, sorted, and baled into different forms of plastic. After that, they’re washed to eliminate impurities, shredded into flakes, and placed in an extruder. The plastic is then heated, forced through an extruder, cooled, dyed, then diced or pelletized into granules. It’s then ready to be repurposed into new items.

Because plastics are not biodegradable, recycling these leftovers can minimise reliance on traditional landfill garbage disposal, which can be costly and environmentally harmful. Plastic polymers are created from oil, coal, and gas, therefore recycling undesired scraps into other usable goods helps conserve these crucial non-renewable resources by reducing the need for primary extraction.

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