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What is Paper?

Paper is nothing more or less than a dried, compacted mat of plant fibers. It is material made in thin sheets from wood pulp or other fibrous substances that can be used for writing, sketching, or printing, as well as wrapping.

What is Paper scraps?

Paper that has been partially used or is of poor quality, but can be used for minor purposes. Paper scrap can be recycled and used to create paper again. Paper recycling from the paper scrap is the process of converting waste paper into new paper products. It offers a number of significant advantages: It prevents waste paper from entering people’s homes and releasing methane as it decomposes.

How do we process paper scraps?

It only takes 34 days for paper to degrade. The most common method of waste paper recycling is to break down used/old paper with water and chemicals. It’s then broken up and heated, which breaks it down even more into cellulose strands, a form of organic plant material; the resulting pulp, or slurry, is termed pulp. It’s squeezed through screens to remove any remaining plastic (particularly from plastic-coated paper), then washed, de-inked (ink is removed), bleached, and mixed with water. It can then be recycled into new paper.

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