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What is Brass?

Brass is a yellow-colored alloy of copper and zinc that is frequently used as a gold replacement. Low-pressure plumbing fittings (occasionally with copper), sink drains and fixtures (often chrome plated to make it more beautiful), car radiators, door knobs, and trim hardware are all examples of the metal’s usage. Brass has a low melting point and is a good heat conductor. It’s a soft metal that’s typically employed in applications where there’s a reduced risk of sparks forming when the metal is struck.

What is Brass scraps?

Brass scrap has a high price, as most people are aware. Many people collect the old taps and fittings after installing a new kitchen or bathroom and sell them to their local scrap merchant to recuperate some of their investment. The reason for the high price given for brass scrap is because it is necessary for the brass industry’s economics to function. For recycling and recovering pure metal from scrap, many grades and kinds of bronze and brass scrap are employed.

How do we process Brass scraps?

Brass for extrusion and hot stamping is often manufactured from a basic melt of scrap with a defined composition that is changed before pouring by adding small amounts of virgin copper or zinc as needed to satisfy the requirements. Because the fabricated brass is made using brass scrap that was purchased at a far lower cost than the metal mixture, the cost of the fabricated brass is significantly cheaper than it would be otherwise.

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