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What is Aluminum?

Aluminum, after silicon, is the second most prevalent metallic element in the Earth’s crust. It is a relatively young industrial metal, having only been produced for commercial use for little over 100 years. It is one of the most important engineering materials today because of its light weight, durability, and functionality. Aluminum may be found in our homes, cars, trains, and planes that transport us over vast distances, mobile phones and computers that we use on a daily basis, refrigerator shelves, and current interior designs, yet only 200 years ago, nothing was known about this metal.

What is Aluminum scraps?

The most important input element in the recycling process is aluminum scrap. Aluminum scrap is frequently divided into “new scrap” resulting from manufacturing operations and “old scrap” resulting from post-consumer use. During the production of semi-fabricated and finished aluminum goods, new scrap is generated. For recycling and recovering pure aluminum from scrap, many grades and kinds of aluminum scrap are used.

How do we process Aluminum scraps?

Recycling of aluminum scrap can be done in different ways or processes that depends on the input material, facilities available and the output desired. Some aluminum products are easy to recycle, while other are not. For example, the aluminum foil used in food industry to package prepared frozen meals is not readily recycled. In contrast, aluminum beverage cans are the easiest to recycle.

Aluminum is unique in that, unlike iron, copper, or other metals, it only occurs in the presence of other elements, most often oxygen. In order to obtain free aluminum, the alumina must be removed of its oxygen. At a reduction plant or smelter, this technique is carried out. The aluminum is then separated from the oxygen by passing a high electric current across the liquid. This process necessitates a tremendous quantity of electrical power.

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